S.A.S.H in The Forecourt – Toman – Fri 26th Jan

S.A.S.H in The Forecourt – Toman

Where: Watsons EQ
When: Fri 26th Jan 2024
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Embrace the ideal work-life balance with a 4-day workweek and a glorious 3-day weekend — a lifestyle we believe should be the norm.

Picture yourself in Belgium, where this dream is a reality. As the summer sun graces Watsons EQ, we’re expanding the horizons of our Forecourt, transforming it into a vibrant space. Flying in from Holland, Toman sheds his winter layers to bask in the Australian summer, promising a set that’ll get you moving.

No stranger to commanding stages worldwide, Toman is set to flex his skills in the Forecourt. Leading up to his performance, Sydney’s musical maestros, Flawless Wallace & Bad Boi Brond, will weave their sonic magic to kick off the day.

Join us for a day of music, good vibes, and a laid-back Sunday session. Remember to stay hydrated, look out for one another, respect yourself and the venue, and, of course, don’t forget to call your mother.


★★ The Terrace ★ ★

★★ Toman ★★

Listen to Toman: Toman’s SoundCloud

★ Kerry Wallace x Le Brond ★

Listen to Kerry Wallace: Kerry Wallace’s SoundCloud

Listen to Le Brond: Le Brond’s SoundCloud

Event Details:

  • S.A.S.H In The Forecourt
  • Date: Sunday, 26th of January
  • Time: 2pm till 10pm
  • Location: Watsons Forecourt, The Entertainment Quarter, 1 Bent Street, Moore Park, Sydney.

Join us for a sensational day filled with great music and positive energy in the heart of Sydney.


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