Invaderz pres. Foreign Beggars, Shy FX & Stamina MC, Lenzman, Break + more!

Invaderz Pres. Foreign Beggars, Shy FX & Stamina MC, Lenzman, Break + more!

Where: Home The Venue
When: Fri 3rd January

Andre “Shy FX” Williams has quietly been one of the most influential British producers of the last 25 years. From his groundbreaking jungle anthem Original Nuttah, to his timely switch into dubstep, house and roots reggae in the 00s, to his behind-the-scenes production work for multi-million selling pop RnB acts, Shy’s ability to fuse sound system culture with electronic futurism and classic songwriting has defined the music of successive generations.

Lenzman is a Drum & Bass producer creating his own soulful sound which rises above trends and pushes the genre to new depths. His fluid approach to making music brings together glimmering samples and bold collaborations set against the backdrop of his signature melancholic style. Lenzman’s live sets are like his music: fearless and undiluted.

Break is one of DnB’s most prolific producers, having released music on many of scenes top labels. Acquiring a love for the breakbeat through jazz and funk records, Break learned the drums and piano at a young age and took to the turntables at the age of fourteen. A talented musician with a wide range of influences, Break looks to push the barriers in whatever he’s doing.

After an 18 year career, The Freestylers have covered a full 360 degrees in the Bass Music genre, having played all the biggest festivals, the most talked about Nightclubs around the World and even the quintessentially British music show, Top Of The Pops. Having achieved the kind of success most artists can only dream of, they’ve not rested on their laurels.

Sydney-based, classically trained, DJ and producer Royalston has been listening to drum & bass since ’93, producing for 12 years and DJ-ing for over a decade. A man of many talents, Royalston is also an illustrator and designer and first got into music production when he was making a soundtrack to a 3D animation. His music is characterized by a raw, analogue sound with a techy edge and he has released on labels such as Bad Taste and Black Acre before signing exclusively to Med School.