Eighty-Six ft. Toxinate & Latte (UK) | Sydney Electronic Music Extravaganza

Eighty Six ft. Toxinate & Latte (UK)

Where: Tokyo Sing Song
When: Sat 16th December 2023
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Get ready for an unforgettable night at Tokyo Sing Song as we host the scorching talents of Toxinate & Latte, two powerhouses currently dominating the drum and bass scene. 🔥
Brace yourself for an intimate show featuring these trailblazers, known for their relentless energy and groundbreaking performances.
With a reputation solidified in the jump-up scene, Toxinate & Latte are set to ignite Tokyo Sing Song on Saturday, 16th December.
Join us for an electric evening with a full lineup including TOXINATE [UK], LATTE [UK], Shego, Artinium, Jackzz, Electra, and Bella Cool. Don’t miss the chance to witness these dons in action, making this a night to remember!
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