Eighty-Six ft. Ternion Squad (USA), Jungist + More | Sydney Electronic Music Showcase

Eighty-Six ft. Ternion Squad (USA), Jungist + More

Where: Waywards, Newtown 
When: Sat 17th Feb 2024
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Prepare for an immersive bass experience as Ternion Sound takes control at Tokyo Sing Song.

Renowned in the global dubstep scene, Ternion Sound, a three-headed force, has garnered support from heavyweights like Digital Mystikz, J:Kenzo, Bukez Finezt, and more. With a reputation for delivering powerful 140 bangers, they lead the charge in the evolution of dubstep.

Don’t miss the seismic vibrations on Saturday, 17th February, as Ternion Sound headlines Tokyo Sing Song.

Full Lineup:

  • Jungist
  • Alec Sander
  • Artinium
  • Jackzz
  • Gowchiii
  • KineticTheory
  • Howlitt

Join us for a night of unparalleled bass frequencies and cutting-edge dubstep beats.

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