Amnesia Ibiza pres. Alan Fitzpatrick, Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher

Amnesia pres. Alan Fitzpatrick, Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher

Where: Ivy
When: Sat 11th June
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Alan Fitzpatrick
Southampton-born techno legend Alan Fitzpatrick has spent the last decade carving out his musical niche within the ever-expanding genre of techno and holding rank in the upper echelons of the underground electronic world to become a seemingly unstoppable source of hit music.
For more than a decade techno artists, Pig&Dan have been jamming in the studio, producing musical adventures that hold their signature sound. Both behind the decks and in the studio they’ve proved that their momentum is constantly on the rise with smash hit releases on Soma, Bedrock, Drumcode +more!
Gregor Tresher
In the trend-driven universe of electronic dance music, Gregor Tresher is the rare artist who transcends such cycles. His secret? A relentless focus on melody and timbre, timeless musical elements that with close listening reveals an organic universe of shifting sound.
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